Hong Kong Vs Tokyo

It’s travel time! So you’re thinking of traveling to Asia and you have narrowed it down to two cities; Hong Kong and Tokyo. You’re torn between the two and you’re not sure what to settle on. Worry not because we have got your back!

Tokyo and Hong Kong are both enormous cities known for their tourist attraction and great sights. These cities are visited by millions of people each year and are one of the more popular destinations in Asia. Since we want you to have the best time in your travels, here is a comparison between the two in various sectors.


One of the most important factors when it comes to travels and leisure is accommodation. You need a place that hits the perfect balance between luxury and comfort. When it comes to luxurious hotels, Tokyo has a lot to offer including the glorious Shangri La hotel, Grand Hyatt Tokyo, the peninsula hotel and a treat of tradition in the famous Sadachiyo. Hong Kong matches up with the famous intercontinental hotel, the four seasons, the Ritz Carlton and the Mira.

Food and cuisine.

What is the essence of traveling if you won’t get to sample indigenous cuisine? These two towns have different food to offer. It all trickles down to if you love Chinese or Japanese food. When it comes to Japanese food, Tokyo takes the crown offering a various variety of the same. It also has slightly more Brazilian grills and French restaurants. Hong Kong, on the other hand, wins when it comes to Chinese food. Even though it comes second when it comes to Japanese food, Hong Kong is said to offer more authentic cuisines.

The important thing is that both cities while having a very different cuisine, have the most incredible food you will ever eat in your life. Food wise the cities are equal to me, I simply cannot pick one over the other. The good thing is that you cannot go wrong with either one.

Leisure and tourist spots. 

How do the two cities compare when it comes to sight-seeing? Tokyo offers the 17th-century imperial palace, a trip to Mt. Fuji museums and temples and the exquisite Meiji shrine. In addition to sightseeing, if you enjoy shopping during your trips, Tokyo is the place for you. Hong Kong also has a lot to offer including Disneyland and Ocean Park for the kids. It would be a waste to visit this city and not visit the big Buddha and have an exotic view of the Hong Kong skyline.

Cost of living.

It would be impossible to compare this two cities and not look at the cost it would incur you to live in them. If you’re planning to eat out during your stay in this towns, Tokyo will be expensive by around 6%. For those that enjoy an occasional movie in the cinema, Hong Kong is also considerably cheaper. One interesting fact though is that coffee is around 35% more in Hong Kong than in Tokyo. Generally speaking, the cost of living is higher in Tokyo.

It is safe to say that the competition between the two is extremely tight. Each town has got its strengths so it all goes down to what kind of a person you are and what you enjoy most. The most suitable town will also depend on the purpose of your travel. Whatever the case, vacations are meant to be enjoyed and both towns have a lot to offer. Whether you decide to enjoy a Hong Kong massage or a Tokyo trip to Mt. Fuji, you are guaranteed to enjoy your stay.