Destinations in August: These are the Top 5 Vacation Spots

When are Europe's beaches at their fullest? In August! We show the best destinations in August to escape the tourist crowds - in dream weather. Learn more now!

Destinations in August: The Top 5

In August, summer is in great shape in Europe. Those who have holidays do not have to drive far to enjoy the sun on the beaches of the North and Baltic Seas, on the Atlantic Ocean, the Adriatic Sea, the Mediterranean or the Aegean Sea. Many Germans are also drawn to the Alps to spend active holidays there. You already know everything? Then we have five insider tips for you where you can spend exotic summer holidays - unforgettable and without tourist crowds. 

Singapore: exciting city trip in the rainy season

  • The City of Superlatives: At the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula is not only the smallest state in terms of area of Southeast Asia but also the cleanest and safest city in the world.
  • In the period from March to September, it rains relatively little and temperatures range from nocturnal 24 degrees to 30 degrees a day.
  • The colonial area on the banks of the Singapore River, the famous "Raffles Hotel", the largest outdoor enclosure zoo in the world with 3000 animals and 300 species as well as Sentosa Island with beach and jungle are among the most interesting sights.
  • What special features there is to experience in Singapore.
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Indonesia: tropical happiness in the dry season

  • 17,000 tropical islands along the Equator: The best travel time for the largest island nation in the world lies in the dry season between April and October. Then the South Monsoon brings dry-hot climate with about eight hours of sun, about 30 degrees a day and water temperatures around 27 degrees . 
  • The diversity of the Southeast Asian islands is enormous: Java with its volcanoes, Sumatra with the highlands of Minangkabau, rainforest and orangutans, Sulawesi with the famous Toraja houses in the rice terraces or the island of Bali with its temples and surfing beaches.
  • What is the best time When you travel to Bali...

Hawaii: Exotic holiday destination in August

  • The eight islands in the Pacific are considered the paradise on earth: In Hawaii, summer begins in April and lasts until November.
  • In August, optimal bathing holiday temperatures are around 30 degrees, the water levels are around 27 degrees and at night it cools down to 24 degrees. Due to the many mountains and volcanoes and trade winds from the northeast, the temperatures feel pleasant and not too hot.
  • The most famous beach "Waikiki Beach" is located on the south coast of the island Oahu. On Maui, the four kilometer wide and twelve kilometer long crater of the 3055 meter high volcano Haleakala is one of the highlights. Kauai with its famous cliff Na Pali is considered the adventure island. Big Island lures with the active volcano Kilauea, whose lava flows almost uninterrupted into the sea.

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  • Canada: Best Travel Time for Outdoor Travelers
  • In the second largest country in the world, active holidaymakers find ideal conditions in August with warm temperatures and long days.
  • In particular, RV fans appreciate this time for self-drive tours. Because from October it will be uncomfortable and cold in many places, winter is coming.
  • Canada lures with untouched nature, vast forests, huge lakes, animals like moose and bears, but also with cool cities. Vancouver on the west coast is one of the liveliest cities in the world, as well as its location between high mountains and the deep blue Pacific. 
  • Tips for your trip and information on the climate can be found here.
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Please also remember to get a VPN for Canada before you travel there; recent changes in Canadian law means their government may spy on everyone within the country.

Kenya: paradise for beach holidays and safaris

  • Dry, Pleasant Temperatures and Few Rainy Days: Kenya has a nearly 480-kilometer coastline on the Indian Ocean, with white-sand beaches, palm trees and world-renowned diving spots - the perfect destination for a beach holiday in August.
  • The most exciting time for wildlife safaris in the Masai Mara nature reserve is mid-October. Then many animals go on the so-called long hike from the dry Serengeti in Tanzania to the lush pastures in Kenya. 
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