5 Best Reminders Apps To Keep You On Schedule

Meeting deadlines and being on schedule all the time is one of the most challenging things to do today. We’re all living a fast-paced life where the chances of forgetting important things are quite high. You have to meet strict deadlines and you can easily mess things up due to all that pressure you’re facing. However, there is an easy way out for you as technology comes to your rescue here. If you’re a smartphone user, obviously everybody is today, you can pick the best reminders apps out there and put all your important tasks on your chosen app expecting it to remind you of it at a specified time. 

Another alternative for you is to set online alarm and rely on it for your sticking to your schedule. However, let’s just stick to the reminder apps for now and see what options are available. 

1. Voice  Notes

It really is a wonderful app that allows you to record and save your plans into it. The app then reminds you about your important chores whenever you want it to. The app can also be used for creating short notes with its speech recognition characteristics. Below is a list of features that Voice Notes has to offer.

Quick voice recorded notes.
Reminders for your recorded text on a given time and date.
An alert sound of your choice for the reminder. You can also keep it on vibration.
Color customizations to make the interface look attractive. 
Import/export option for notes in case you choose to switch a phone.
Notes sharing features to share your reminders through social accounts or email. 
Ability to edit text whenever you want. 
Categorize notes into your own new categories and setting priorities for the reminders. 

2. Google Keep

As its name suggests, the app is from Google and it lets you catch all the important thoughts that might pop up in your mind. Whether you have to remember an important task that you have to meet the deadline for or it’s just a random thought that you want to record, Google Keep gives you a perfect avenue for that. Here are a few things that you can do with the app. If you are looking for android best launcher then check this download nova launcher prime.

The app features a checklist design and you can check off any done items to eliminate them from the list.
The app allows you to draw over your added images, making better elucidation for your reminders.
It helps you to stay organized.
With grocery suggestions feature, the app allows you to easily set up your grocery list for the month. 
You can add new tasks and delete previous ones through voice commands. 
All the notes can be color-coded for easy navigation.
Synchronize the notes from anywhere on the device through Google Keep website. 

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3. Just Reminder

Yes, it’s just a reminder app. The app can be used for reminding you of just about anything you want and as many times as you may like. Images can be added to your reminders to recognize them easily. There are many other features that you can enjoy by choosing this app including:

Setting frequency of the reminders
Customizing alert tones
Option for snoozing and dismissing reminders
Choosing talking alarms
Bill reminders for reminding you of the due dates for your monthly bill payments
Auto send birthday wishes as well as other reminders
Setting advance alerts
Speech-to-text for making reminders typing-free
Saving reminders to your SD card for recovering any lost data

4. Life Reminders

Life reminders is another cool app that you can use for reminding yourself of important routine chores. It’s a productivity app just like others and can be downloaded from Play Store easily. It offers everything that you might expect from reminders apps and some of its salient features include:

Support for multiple languages including English, Danish, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, and Russian. 
Placing calls automatically to given contacts on pre-set date and time.
Descriptions to the reminders
Creating text messages and setting them to be sent to given contacts on a specified time and date. The app reminds you about the message and confirms to send the SMS on the specified time. 

Setting all sorts of reminders into the app. 
Quick access to your reminders through notifications. 
Editing reminders if needed. 
Customizing categories for setting personalized reminders. 

5. Remind Me

The app not only reminds you of your commitments when it’s time but also helps you with a countdown date. Just set the reminder and the app will remind you of it at your set time. The app offers flexibility and customizations to make it exactly what you like. Some features of the Remind Me app include:

Countdown reminders
Liberty to customize the app allowing you to customize its backgrounds, icons, and text colors 
Ability to set up your to-do lists
Different themes to change the look and feel of the app
Reminder widget
Hit notifications for alerting about your important tasks

So, if you have been looking for some of the best reminders apps that can help you stick to your schedule all the time, you can rely on these apps described above. Make your pick and ensure that you are never late again and do not miss your deadlines.